Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Leaf Removal

Consider hiring a lawn care company for leaf removal if you have trouble raking leaves in your large yard or do not have the time.

A grove of various species of treeAutumn can be a nice change of pace after a long, hot summer. In many areas of the country, the benefits include cooler, more comfortable weather, apple picking, football and, of course, the leaves changing colors from greens to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. Read More

Do You Need to Lime Your Soil?

Like most things in nature, the soil supporting your lawn (technically called turfgrass) must be in balance. In this case, the balance is a measure of pH or acidity. If your soil is too low on the pH scale, adding lime can help restore the balance and promote a healthier lawn. A quick understanding of the basics of pH, how to test your soil and when and how to apply lime are all you need to get started. Read More

How Landscaping Your Yard Can Put Dollars BACK in Your Pocket

It is no secret that a landscaped yard can cause envy in the neighborhood, but did you know it can also mean money back in your pocket at the time of sale?

A walkway surrounded by landscaping leading to a patio with a table and chairsDid you know, in a recent University of Michigan study, landscape updates were shown to boost property values up to 11 percent. That means that if you’re looking to boost your home’s rates on your next evaluation, your best bet may be to head to the backyard. Read More

Planting a Vegetable Garden in August

August is a fabulous month in the vegetable garden for many of us. The summer crops are overwhelming us with their productivity (hopefully!) and the crops we sowed last month are coming along beautifully. But August need not be a time only to harvest the mid-season crops. You can still plant in August. For many northern gardeners, the focus now will be on planting fast-maturing cool-season crops that will mature in a few weeks for fall harvest. Read More

Dormant Grass?

Reasons for Dormancy

Cool-season grasses go dormant to protect themselves during long, hot periods when they do not have enough water to remain in an active growth phase. Warm-season grasses go dormant in cold weather when they die back naturally. In both cases, the grasses’ crowns remain alive, and, in hot situations, water may revive the grasses.  Don’t worry: Dormancy is a natural, built-in protection mechanism, and your grass probably will return when the weather cools in fall. Read More

Summer Lawn Care

Mowing the Lawn

A healthy lawn does not necessarily mean that it has to be short. When cutting into your lawn, the blades need to be set as high as possible. The length of grass, preferably high, provides numerous amounts of benefits towards keeping the soil healthy and productive. Read More

Caring for Your Plants

Plant Pests

Pests are more likely to attack a stressed plant than a healthy plant. A few insect pests are normal and not a cause for concern but if you get a more severe pest infestation, it means something in your garden or locale has become severely out of balance. Talk to a nursery or garden center professional to help identify exactly which type of pest you are dealing with and how best to treat them. For instance, there are organic pest controls that can help you control them and restore your plants to a healthy state. Read More