To Run or Not To Run. The Benefits of Adding A Dog Run To Your Property

Those with four-legged family members know the importance of ensuring their good boy or girl has plenty of chances and the room to stretch their legs. Long walks through the neighborhood or visits to the dog park are just a few ways that dog owners make sure that their furry friends are happy and healthy. What if you could do even more to pamper your pet? Let Hometown Landscape install a custom dog run for your property that is just right for your best friend.

What is a Dog Run?

As the name suggests, a dog run is a specifically designed outdoor area that allows dogs to run and play safely. Even if you have a fenced-in yard, a well-maintained area, including an enclosed dog run, can keep your dog from escaping the yard and create a space that they are comfortable in that is safe and shaded. 

Why Should You Install A Dog Run?

You might be thinking that a dog run is an unnecessary expense or added work for you as the homeowner, but once the type of dog run is decided upon, you can be sure to customize it to your preference. Whether you dedicate a simple grassy area for your dog or an enclosed run with outdoor activities, the essential element is creating a space for your dog to exercise, relax, and enjoy themselves. 

Having a dog run not only keeps your dog safe and happy, but it can also keep your grass happy. Pet urine can turn grass brown. You are preserving the rest of your lawn by allowing your pet a specific area to go to the bathroom. A dedicated dog run also protects your pet from hazards such as gardens, pools, ponds, and backyard structures that may not be appropriate for them to run or play in. 

A successful dog run also allows for plenty of shade for your dog. Especially in the hotter months of the year, your pet must have a shaded area with water to drink to keep them from dehydrating or overheating. Your specially designed dog run can include a dog house, a small roof, an umbrella, or other types of shade structure. Having your dog run expertly installed by our team at Hometown Landscape allows you to pick the kind of shade structure that best suits your yard and your aesthetic. 

What Type of Dog Run Should I Choose?

Various types of dog runs include an enclosed run, a built-in (permanent structure), portable, or open. The enclosed dog run keeps dogs from escaping or jumping a fence. The built-in dog runs cannot be moved around the yard once installed. A portable dog run can be carried and used in additional locations.  We can decide upon various fence types, including chain link, aluminum, vinyl, or wood styles. An open dog run is an open area where a dog may run and relax. 

In addition, you will also need to decide the type of ground cover that might be required, including natural or artificial grass, wood chips, gravel, concrete, paving stones, or dirt. The kind of ground cover that you decide on is based on what is best for your property and what works best for your dog. Hometown Landscape is here to help you determine what type of dog run you are looking for and install it for you. We are happy to discuss options with you that will make you feel satisfied with your decision.