Exterior lighting illuminating the front of a house at dusk

Outdoor Lighting

The latest trend in landscaping is outdoor lighting. An outdoor lighting system is not only a smart investment for the safety of your property but it can dramatically improve the landscape by showcasing previously hidden elements. A professionally installed and maintained lighting system will increase the beauty and safety of a home along with adding to the home’s value. The dramatic transformation in the look and ambiance of your home will be readily apparent after outdoor lighting is installed.

If you are considering outdoor lighting but you’re not sure if it’s a good choice for you, here are four of the most important advantages to having an outdoor lighting system:


One of the most compelling reasons to add outdoor lighting is to increase the security of your property. Whether you choose a motion-activated system that lights up only as needed or you opt for a complete outdoor lighting system that’s turned on and off by a timer, adding lighting can ensure your property is adequately lit, providing an effective deterrent for would-be burglars.


Navigating your yard after dark can be an accident waiting to happen, especially if your yard includes stairs, hardscaping, water features, winding paths, or changes in elevation. Adding lighting along pathways can help you, and your loved ones and friends avoid potential slips or falls that can cause injury as they enter or leave your property.


Lighting adds a new dimension to your landscape. In fact, if you’ve never had good outdoor lighting, you probably don’t realize how beautiful your landscape can look after dark with the addition of just a few lights. From ground-level path lights to lighting mounted under rock ledges or around ponds or waterfalls to a single spotlight illuminating a tree or architectural feature, your lawn and garden will be transformed into a new oasis of calm and beauty, right before your eyes.


If you’re relying on the sun to light your outdoor living spaces, you’re missing out on a lot of outdoor relaxation. Outdoor lighting opens up your outdoors for evening entertaining and just relaxing, long after the sunsets. From enjoying a late-night dip in the pool to hosting a dinner party to just hanging out with friends and family, outdoor lighting extends the usability of your yard and makes it an inviting place to gather after dark. If you’re considering extending your living space with an outdoor room, deck, or cooking area, outdoor lighting is essential to make sure you get the most out of your investment.


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