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Living in the Mid-Atlantic, we are lucky enough to experience all four seasons. When the weather starts to warm up in Maryland, Virginia, and DC, it’s impossible to not want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Imagine how much better that would be if you added a professionally-designed and landscaped patio to your backyard. Our team will design and blend the existing landscape with your new patio that you’ll love while enjoying the many advantages that come with a patio. 

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Patio

There are more advantages to adding an outdoor patio or entertainment area to your home than just having an attractive place to enjoy being outside. We have been designing patios in Montgomery County, Howard County, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia since 1997 and know how to blend the uniqueness of the area with modern styles.

  • Increase Property Value/Curb Appeal

    Your new outdoor patio will likely increase the value of your home if or when it comes time to put it on the market. Outdoor entertainment areas and outdoor kitchens are not only extremely popular but such features can add thousands of dollars to the resale price of your home. If your patio is visible from the street, you’ll also get the benefit of added curb appeal.

  • Expand Your Living Space

    Adding an outdoor patio extends your living space. It essentially gives you an extra outdoor room for you and your family to enjoy. Start entertaining friends and family outside with your new beautifully designed and built patio. You can include features such as firepits, walkways, fountains, and more. 

Outdoor Patio Materials

Patios and outdoor entertainment areas can be constructed using a variety of materials. Below are just a few of the more commonly-used choices in Montgomery and Howard County.

  • Pavers

    Individual pavers are made of concrete, but have the look of stone. They are also more affordable than natural stone and have a more uniform shape and design. This is a very common material to be used during construction.

  • Stone

    Natural stone adds an earthy beauty to any outdoor patio. Stone can be rough-edged slate, rounded stones or even polished surfaces like granite for your outdoor kitchen countertops. They can be used for several elements of your patio.

  • Brick

    Brick patios have a manicured, uniform look that is especially well-suited for traditional and colonial-style homes. They may be the most common material used for patios. They have that certain classic appeal.

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff today with questions or to schedule a free consultation for your property or site. We have been designing and building patios since 1997 and are proud to serve the greater DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area with the sole goal of exceeding your expectations by delivering the most beautifully designed and built patios around.

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