Spring Clean-Up

A Spring Clean-Up is essential for clearing any backyard nightmares you might have and brings a fresh start to the new season. Hometown Landscape professionals are standing by and ready to help you get a jump start on your goals for your yard. 

Landscape Bed, Leaf, and Debris Cleanup

With a Spring Clean-Up, the idea of out-with-the-old can help keep your landscape looking fresh and healthy. The latter days of fall and the cold, barren days of winter brought in varying weather and lots of wind and debris. A lot of what ended up in your yard might not even be from your property! Whether it is blown-out, swept, or raked, a good-looking lawn and landscape start with removing leaves, weeds, litter, old mulch, and fallen limbs. And while a property free from debris is a great starting point, this isn’t done for looks alone.

Landscape bed cleanup also prevents leaves and other organic material from rotting on your turf and in your flower beds. Rotting leaves can lead to mold and mildew—they are even a magnet for pests. A clean landscape bed also helps bring your turf access to sunlight and air circulation.

Bed Edging

Deep edging around plant beds is the same as adding a frame around landscaped areas. Our Hometown Landscape professionals are the best at producing a distinct edge between your turf and beds.  Bed edging is a recommended vital step before beginning pre-emergent weed control and fresh mulch application.

A proper manicured edge will help hold back grassroots and weeds from creeping into a landscaped bed. It also makes mowing up to flower bed edges easier and dramatically reduces the risk of damage.

Pre-Emergence Weed Control

Pre-emergence weed control prevents weeds from sprouting in your landscape beds. It spares you the ghastly appearance of weeds appearing amongst your beautiful plants and flowers. Hometown Landscape helps save you the hassle of pulling weeds out your beds or applying herbicide on your own. We make sure that one pre-emergent application at just the right time keeps your landscape beds looking their best. 


Hometown Landscape’s experienced professionals are experts at grading your land to prep your landscape for grass and plants or even hardscaping. Grading is also a useful tool to slope the ground to direct water to flow away from your property and avoid land erosion. If the water pools in areas of your property, the plants and grass can become waterlogged, doing damage to your landscape and even causing structural damage to your home or cause leaks. Also, the sitting water is perfect for mosquito breeding, so making the proper preps is critical at this stage of the year.

Fertilizing in the Spring

Applying fertilizer to your lawn seems to be a straight-forward process. However, many people use fertilizer too early in the season and sometimes are setback by frost inhibiting the growth they are expecting. Hometown Landscape understands this concept better than most. We will expertly add in the fertilizer applications to ensure your landscape in a position for springtime growth. 

Call us today with questions or to schedule a free consultation for your property. We have been assisting property owners with their Spring  Clean-Up needs since 1997. We are proud to serve the greater DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas.