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Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Don’t let an uninviting landscape drive clients and visitors away. Keep your property beautiful year-round with Hometown Landscape. Our project managers will develop a relationship with property managers to customize a plan that meets all the specific needs of your property. Hometown’s landscape specialists have the most modern equipment and possess expert knowledge techniques to get the job done right.

Commercial Landscape Services Include:

  • Yearly Property Maintenance

    Commercial landscaping is a requirement that businesses, including HOA’s, universities, business parks, multi-unit dwellings, rely on to ensure a safe and welcoming experience for their customers and employees. The best commercial landscaping companies offer more than just standard lawn care services but instead perform multiple grounds care tasks, complete with a year-round strategy to ensure routine upkeep. An approach like this will also help fight seasonal risks that threaten commercial properties.

    We can coordinate multiple services to keep the exterior of your businesses in the best shape. A well-maintained outside appearance will help your location attract more customers and clients.

  • Turf Management

    A complete program including weekly mowing, fertilization, weed control, disease and fungus control, aeration, dethatching, and pest control tailored to meet the specific needs of your green space.

    A big part of your exterior maintenance is regularly mowing the lawn. An overgrown and unruly lawn could turn off potential customers and clients. If it appears that you don’t care about the look of your business, they may think you won’t give them the best experience working with you. Keeping your lawn looking immaculate will give them the opposite feeling — your attention to detail will transfer to how you’ll treat them.

    First impressions matter. Make them count.

    We’ll schedule regular mowing to keep your lawn in the best condition possible. If your area gets more rain than usual, your lawn will need more attention. We’ll monitor how often we need to mow to make sure your lawn is always looking its best. But your lawn care isn’t just about mowing. If you’re seeing brown patches or less healthy grass, we can help improve it.

  • Seasonal Color

    Color is inviting and lifts spirits. Our enhancement division rotates your flowers seasonally, creating new color and dimension to your garden every few months.

    Vibrant clusters of flowers and holiday displays provide vivid splashes of color and add texture to your commercial landscape throughout the year. You can choose any or all of your seasonal color options or allow a Hometown designer to select appropriate plant varieties and planting schemes specific to the environmental conditions of your property.

  • Plant Health Care

    Hometown’s tree and shrub care services are designed to make sure they are protected from pests and diseases and nourished to their optimum health. Trees and shrubs increase the overall beauty of a commercial property. The wide variety of trees and shrubs in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia areas require specific nutrients, protection and frequent attention to thrive.

  • Customized Design Services

    An unruly landscape can not only put off patrons, but it can also degrade the professional appearance of your establishment. Hometown Landscape will design a custom landscape that will be welcoming to your guests or residents. Whether you want us to plant a tree, install sod, or redesign your landscape completely, we’ll do what it takes to create a stunning landscape for your property.

    Allow Hometown designers to plan your project from start to finish, beginning with a comprehensive site analysis, leading to a fully developed landscape design.

  • Hardscape Installation

    The driveway, walkway and entrance area are your visitors’ first impression. So, what is your entranceway saying?

    Hardscape elements, such as driveways, walkways, seating areas, patios and retaining walls create a visual outline of your property and garden areas, adding beauty and intrigue to your landscape. In addition to offering a warm, inviting, natural feel, they can help emphasize the features of the space. Hardscapes can also define specific areas, creating visual transitions from one part of the landscape to another, for example, from a walkway or patio to a softscape centerpiece.

    They can also serve a functional purpose.

    Uneven or sloping areas can benefit from the installation of a retaining wall. Though aesthetically pleasing to the eye, retaining walls can also prevent soil erosion and flooding, while protecting softscapes, such as flower beds, delicate plants, and shrubs.

  • Carpentry & Construction

    An outdoor living area consists of many different outdoor elements brought together. There are an infinite amount of configurations when it comes to outdoor living. Some of the most popular outdoor living elements include paving brick patios, seat walls, fireplaces, pergolas, pavilions, and outdoor kitchens. Call Hometown Landscape today and our expert advisors will walk you through the process to bring your vision into reality for all your guests to enjoy.

  • Drainage Solutions

    Hometown puts water in its place!

    Proper drainage in the landscape that surrounds buildings and homes is very important. Water that pools anywhere in your lawn or landscape after a rainstorm, winter snowmelt, or from an irrigation system can be an indication of a drainage issue that can have a detrimental effect on your plants, lawn and foundation structures. Pooling water usually indicates one of two issues:

    1. Improper grading/drainage
    2. Compacted soils

    Standing water in lawn areas can impact the health of the turf by not encouraging root growth. Shallow root systems are more prone to turf diseases like Dollar Spot, Brown & Summer Patch, as well as pest issues like mosquitoes that thrive in standing water.

    Standing water has similar negative effects on shrubs and trees too. These plants can drown due to lack of oxygen. Organisms can also form in the excessively wet soil and decline the root system, leading to permanent damage and death.

    Hometown Landscape experts will identify and resolve landscape drainage and erosion. Inspections of your property should be done following a winter thaw or after rain to help identify the source of the pooling as well as to determine your landscape’s natural water flow. After the site assessment, we can make recommendations on ways to rectify the drainage issues which may include:

    • Catch basin systems
    • Channel and trench drain systems
    • Dry wells
    • French drain systems
    • Grading
    • Rain harvesting and rain gardens
    • Submerged downspout extensions
    • Submerged sump pump extensions
  • Irrigation

    Services include:

    • Annual Service Policies (start-up, shut down, seasonal inspections)
    • System Design & Installation
    • System Add-Ons
    • Site-Specific Watering Programs to Meet Your Property’s Landscape Needs
    • Fountain, Pond, and Water Feature Service and Repair
  • Outdoor Lighting

    Hometown Landscape provides outdoor lighting services for commercial properties across Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. Whatever your lighting needs may be, we can take care of it, including providing repair, installation, and replacement services without any hassle.

    Our lighting solutions and services include:

    • Setting, checking, resetting, and installing light timers
    • Installing, straightening, and realigning fixtures
    • Repairing and reburying below-ground wires
    • Managing connections, including transformers and voltage
    • Replacing bulbs
    • Adjusting lighting within landscaping, and keeping plants and trees away from lights
  • Snow & Ice Management

    When it comes to snow and ice management, your visitors’ and tenants’ safety is top priority.

    Hometown Snow and Ice Management Teams are led by certified professionals who receive ongoing education and updates regarding the latest techniques of anti-icing, deicing and snow/ice management.

    We are confident you’ll be very satisfied with our proactive approach to your snow/ice management needs.

    A variety of maintenance plans and schedules are available and can be tailored based on your commercial or professionally managed property needs.

  • Other Commercial Services

    Hometown is also proud of its reputation and knowledge in services including concrete and asphalt striping, pressure washing, green roof installation and maintenance, synthetic athletic courts and pet turf installation.

What Makes Hometown Stand Out?

  • Licensed and Insured

    We’re a licensed and insured company with ample experience in commercial landscape maintenance. We follow regulations and deliver high-quality results. Our comprehensive insurance coverage protects your interests and our employees.

  • Top-of-the-Line Customer Service

    Our customers come first. Expect transparency, responsive communication, and the utmost care when you work with us.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our team takes the time to sit down with you and discuss your vision and provide you with strategic options that match. Rather than pushing to upsell, we provide the best solutions based on your goals.


“Couldn’t have been happier with the personnel or the finished results. They rate an A+ in my book!” - D.J.
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