Which Drainage System is Right for Your Yard?

Digging drainage system in yard.

The words “water damage” can strike fear into homeowners’ hearts because this issue brings many problems that are neither easy nor affordable to fix. Water seeping into your home, damage to the foundation or walls, erosion in your yard, and mold are just a few of the adverse effects of uncontrolled water. 

What is a Drainage System?

Simply put, a drainage system transfers water and keeps it from damaging your yard and, more importantly, your home. Water can begin to erode your landscape and penetrate your home’s foundation causing significant damage resulting in safety hazards and expensive repairs.  Installing a drainage system in your yard can prevent water damage by draining water away from your yard and your home’s foundation safely and effectively. 

Landscape Drainage Solutions 

There are several types of yard drains that are potential drainage solutions for your property. Depending on the type of property, the amount of water, and the room you have to install a drainage system will determine what design will suit your home and property the best.

French Drains 

One of the most common types of yard drains is the French drain. The French drain uses pipes to move surface and groundwater away from your home and your property. Similarly, grading the landscape to direct water toward the slotted and perforated drainage efficiently stops water from pooling or flooding by catching the water, which is then dispersed more evenly into the soil. 

Pop-Up Emitters

A pop-up emitter is a circular drain installed into your yard that “pops up” when water pressure reaches a specific level. The water is then released to a large surface area. This drainage solution can be installed so you barely notice its presence in your yard. 

Dry River Beds

A dry river bed is a design element that can control and direct water flow from the yard to the river bed. Grading the landscape to make the water flow a particular way keeps your yard from becoming oversaturated while blending into your landscape design. 

Dry Wells

Dry wells transfer water away to deeper subsoils to keep your landscape from becoming damaged with minimal effect on the appearance of your yard. A dry well system helps to maximize drainage if you have excess water issues. 

Channel Drains

Channel drains (and catch basins) are installed in a way that is similar to dry wells and dry river beds. These in-ground systems divert water to the deeper subsoil to replenish groundwater without affecting your landscaping look. These are all excellent options to help preserve your landscape and maintain the aesthetics of your property by blending in.

Let Hometown Solve Your Drainage Issues 

While excess water can be stressful, the expert team at Hometown Landscape can install beautifully designed, minimally visible drainage solutions that best suit your property. We will diagnose your drainage issues, discuss what options are available to you, and discover what your priorities are in terms of landscaping design and function. Call us today! 

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