Why You Should Correct Drainage Issues Immediately

While all living things need water to live, water in the wrong place can be detrimental to your home and your property. Poor drainage can lead to several problems that can become major concerns and expensive to repair if left ignored for too long.

Health risks for you and your family may result from poor drainage. Residents could experience respiratory issues as a result of mold growth that is exacerbated by poor drainage. Mosquitoes and heartworms, both of which can spread disease, can reproduce in any standing water.

Some homes have downspouts that flow into the ground at the minimum required distance. Unfortunately, this standard distance isn’t sufficient for all scenarios. Inadequate drainage can build up and flow back into your home causing foundation damage that will eventually lead to more issues. Hometown Landscape can install drainage solutions that help divert water away from the foundation to safely be absorbed into the surrounding property.

If your foundation has significant cracks, it will be vulnerable to water damage that could deform your flooring. Untreated leaks will often lead to mold and mildew growth, endangering the health of your family members and the structure of your home.

With an increase in moisture and humidity in a home, it’s almost a guarantee that a pest infestation is not far behind. A proper drainage system is crucial in keeping pests from accessing your home since insects like cockroaches and mosquitoes prefer moist, humid environments.

Puddling water around your property can also pose a threat to the integrity of the ground, both in stability and ecosystem. Improper drainage could drown grass or plant life, and saturated soil poses the threat of tall trees falling due to the root systems rotting and lack of proper structure.

If you notice standing water on your property after a storm, contact the experts at Hometown Landscape for a consultation to discover the best drainage solution to keep you and your property safe.

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