Why You Need a Professional to Help You With Seasonal Landscaping and Gardening

Summer is coming, and as the temperatures creep up it’s time to prepare your landscaping and gardening for the new season. Not only can seasonal prep ensure your lawn looks amazing all summer long, but it can also keep it healthy through intense heat and sun. However, a DIY approach to seasonal landscaping and gardening isn’t quite as simple as you’d think. Here’s why you should seek out a professional to help you prep your summer landscape. 

What Does Summer Prep for Landscaping and Gardening Entail? 

There are five main reasons you need a professional for your summer landscaping and gardening prep: 

To help you clean up and prune your existing landscaping. After a winter full of cold temperatures and lots of rain or snow, your landscaping and gardening is going to need a little TLC. A professional can help you decide which plants to prune and how much, as well as which plants should be replaced (if necessary). 

To establish a maintenance routine for your lawn. Your lawn also likely took a beating during the winter season, and a harsh summer can do a number on it, too. Now is the time to prep it with fertilization, as well as set up a weekly maintenance routine for watering, mowing, and weed control. A professional can get you on track so you’re ready to tackle summer lawn care with ease. 

To establish a maintenance routine for your existing plants.  How did your existing plants and garden fare through the winter and spring? Having a professional on hand can help you figure out how to care for your landscaping, especially the plants that flower or bloom at certain times of the year. Plus, a professional can give you advice on mulch, flower bed edging, and soil choices to ensure your landscaping and gardening can thrive all summer long. 


To decide when and where to plant seasonal plants. It can be tricky trying to figure out seasonal planting. Some plants do better when installed in the fall, while others do best when installed in the spring. A professional can help you figure out when to plant what, as well as where to install plants and how to care for everything throughout the seasons. 

To get help taking it to the next level. Are you planning on making your yard an outdoor living space this summer? Whether you want to install hardscaping (like a patio or fire pit) or redesign your landscaping and garden design, a professional can come in handy. They can help you plan and implement your ideas down to the last detail and get your summer landscape thriving just in time for you to enjoy it. 

Find the Right Professional for Your Summer Landscape 

Looking for someone with professional experience to help you take your summer landscaping and gardening to the next level? Contact our expert team at Hometown Landscape and let us help you start your prep today!