How to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis with Backyard Water Features

When considering backyard landscape ideas, you’ve probably thought about patios, hardscapes, trees, plants, and shrubs. However, we’re here to add one more consideration to your list – water features for landscaping. Adding a water feature to your backyard living space is an easy way to bring an aesthetically pleasing element that also brings soothing sounds for a more peaceful atmosphere. 

But how do you know which water feature fits into your backyard landscape ideas? We’re here with a quick guide to help you find the right water feature for your outdoor living space

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To Run or Not To Run. The Benefits of Adding A Dog Run To Your Property

Those with four-legged family members know the importance of ensuring their good boy or girl has plenty of chances and the room to stretch their legs. Long walks through the neighborhood or visits to the dog park are just a few ways that dog owners make sure that their furry friends are happy and healthy. What if you could do even more to pamper your pet? Let Hometown Landscape install a custom dog run for your property that is just right for your best friend. Read More

Transform Your Backyard Into The Best Playground In Town

Some of the best childhood moments come from the pure joy of playing outdoors. While a trip to the local playground can be fun, it can also be challenging to find time in the day to get there. A play area just steps from your home can alleviate the need to travel and help your family make lasting memories. Let the expert team at Hometown Landscape transform your outdoor space into a welcoming play area for your children. Read More

Why You Should Correct Drainage Issues Immediately

While all living things need water to live, water in the wrong place can be detrimental to your home and your property. Poor drainage can lead to several problems that can become major concerns and expensive to repair if left ignored for too long.

Health risks for you and your family may result from poor drainage. Residents could experience respiratory issues as a result of mold growth that is exacerbated by poor drainage. Mosquitoes and heartworms, both of which can spread disease, can reproduce in any standing water. Read More