Why Should You Grow a Butterfly and Bee Garden?

Did you know that having a pollinator garden – a garden that attracts bees, butterflies, and other creatures that spread pollen from flower to flower – is extremely beneficial? There are tons of perks to having this type of garden in your living space or even just adding a few plants that attract pollinators. But which plants should you be including in your outdoor space to promote pollinators? We’ve got answers.  Read More

How to Tell if Plants, Shrubs, and Trees Are Healthy When Buying Them For Your Yard

Are you thinking about adding new plants, shrubs, or flowering trees to your yard now that spring has arrived? No matter where you’re shopping, it’s critical to be able to discern whether or not a plant is healthy before you bring it home. Hometown Landscape is here with a quick guide on how to spot healthy plants, trees, and shrubs next time you’re shopping for additions to your property Read More

Prepping Perennials for the Winter

Yellow, orange, and purple Gerbera DaisiesFall is upon us and it is time to start prepping your garden to survive the winter. Taking good care of your garden beds in the fall will help them to thrive in the spring and summer.

After the first frost has struck and your foliage begins to yellow off and die, cut back the plants to help them survive the winter. Cutting back the plants helps to keep the water inside the roots instead of feeding to the leaves.

Feed your plants – Fall is a great time to work compost into your flower beds. Compost will break down over the winter, releasing nutrients and improving your soil structure

Mulch– after the ground has frozen, remove old mulch and replace or add hay to help catch and hold snow. This extra layer will help to insulate the bed as well.