Transform Your Backyard Into The Best Playground In Town

Some of the best childhood moments come from the pure joy of playing outdoors. While a trip to the local playground can be fun, it can also be challenging to find time in the day to get there. A play area just steps from your home can alleviate the need to travel and help your family make lasting memories. Let the expert team at Hometown Landscape transform your outdoor space into a welcoming play area for your children.

The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Play Area At Home

Check out some of the great benefits of adding a playground area to your property.

1. You Don’t Have To Leave Home to Have Fun

Once you decide which type of play area best fits your needs, our team can create the perfect space for you. Depending on the kind of yard you have, the type of playset you have, and how you want your area to look, we can work with you to ensure you and your family are satisfied. You don’t have to worry about driving anywhere, forgetting snacks, or finding a bathroom when you have your own playground at home.

2. Safety and Security Are Number One

Your family’s safety is your number one priority. A professional, reliable team is needed to ensure your play area is safe. We can help you decide on a raised or sunken play area with or without walls or edgers. We can also help you choose the right ground cover, including playground mulch, rubber mulch, wood chips, mulch nuggets, or hardwood mulch. A backyard play area lets your family have free reign with the comfort and security of being at home. We also offer a 5-year craftsmanship warranty on hardscape work, such as walls or edgers.

3. Stay Active and Healthy

Outdoor play and exercise are essential for kids of all ages. A backyard playground area lets kids stay active, and run off some of that childhood energy that we, as adults, miss so much. Climbing, running, and swinging are all great activities that build strength and endurance, all while having fun. Chasing the kids around the yard and play area is also an excellent way for adults to keep physically active.

4. Increase Your Curb Appeal

In today’s real estate market, having a playground in your backyard can increase your curb appeal and property value. Extra amenities like a professionally landscaped play area can be a plus to buyers with children. When it is time to sell your home, a well-constructed playground area can be the unique factor that helps your home get noticed and taken off the market quickly.

5. Friends and Fun

Having a playground area in your yard lets your children socialize and play with friends whenever you are home. Social interaction is an essential part of childhood and growing older. One of the benefits of having your play area landscaped by our team is that once it is complete, your children can play freely without worrying about crowds or park closures. You can also invite friends and neighbors to socialize at your home with plenty of designated space to play for the kids or to chat for the adults.