Picking the Best Tree for Fall Foliage

If you’re looking for a tree with great fall foliage colors- you are in luck! Maryland is a great place to grow beautiful trees!

A grove of various species of treeMaryland is a good state for nine of the 10 most colorful fall trees, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. Each species has different characteristics. Bald cypress is unique because it looks like a pyramidal evergreen when green. Sugar maples are famous for their colors, but really only happy in colder Western Maryland. Sourwood (Oxydendron) and sassafras are smaller trees. Tupelo, red maple and sweet gum all display a range of hues, including brilliant reds. Sweetgum reportedly lasts the longest. All of the top 10 are U.S. natives except Japanese maple, only some of which display good fall color. Be sure to consider shrubs with great fall color and berries that last into winter, such as winterberry, blueberry or spicebush.