Firewood Drop-Off

Is there any better feeling than sitting in front of a wood fireplace or fire pit? Not only do they offer warmth during the colder months, but they also are great gathering places for entertaining and spending time with family and friends. 

Hometown Landscape makes firewood drop-off convenient and affordable. Using tools like Facebook or Craigslist as a source for your firewood is unreliable, as you are often competing with other users for sub-par quality that can have a negative effect on your experience. Wet wood, unseasoned wood, or using the wrong type of wood for your fire may provide minimal heat, excess smoke, and other negative factors. You may also need to travel long distances or to unfamiliar areas to purchase the wood.

At Hometown Landscape, we work with our partner company Hometown Tree Experts, as well as sources around the greater Maryland, DC, and Virginia area, to source only the highest quality woods that we’ll deliver directly to your door.

Some of the best quality woods to use for a fireplace include:

  • Ash – This wood creates a steady flame and provides strong heat
  • Oak – This wood creates a steady flame, provides strong heat, and burns slowly
  • Beech – This wood burns quickly and is a good source of heat
  • Hawthorn – A favorite of ours, this wood is a strong source of heat, has a slow and consistent burn rate, and provides a small amount of smoke
  • Elm – This is a long-lasting wood that provides a steady heat

As the weather starts to turn, take advantage of our easy firewood drop off for your home. Contact our friendly staff today with questions or to schedule a free consultation for your drop-off.